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Use impermeable-backed railroad track mats when refueling locomotives, at ready-station sites, and when greasing rails. The top layer (black) is UV-resistant, the center layer is highly absorbent, and the bottom layer (clear film) prevents diesel fuel, oil, and other hydrocarbons from contaminating / leeching into the soil and ballast.

absorbs oil and repels rainwater
absorbs oil and repels water


59" x 100' / 150 cm x 30.5 m

1 per package


19" x 100' / 48 cm x 30.5 m

2 per package

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Railroad Track Mat Application


available in 59" and 19" widths
fits between and outside train rails
impermeable bottom layer
black UV-resistant top layer
oil-select center layer repels rainwater
for refueling and greasing rails

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