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pads  /  rolls  /  socks  /  pillows  /  booms  /  drum toppers
oil, universal, and hazmat pads

PADS are pre-cut rectangular absorbent products that are easily deployed and retrieved. Most pads are perforated.

oil-only, universal, and hazmat rolls

ROLLS are continous lengths of material that allow the user to select the amount needed, depending on the spill or coverage area.

oil-only, universal, and hazmat socks

SOCKS surround and contain spilled fluids, prevent them from running out into walkways, and absorb the spilled fluids.

oil-only, universal, and hazmat pillows

PILLOWS are high capacity drip catchers, and they are also great as a first responder to absorb large volumes of spilled fluids.

absorbent booms

BOOMS are linked together on open waters to surround and absorb spilled hydrocarbons. We also offer a universal version for large indoor spills.

oil-only and universal drum top pads

DRUM TOP PADS fit on top of 55 gallon drums and absorb the inevitable drips that come from repeated pumping.

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