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oil-only spunbond / meltblown polypropylene composite


Spunbond / Meltblown Polypropylene Composites

These composites are dual-textured, abrasion-resistant pads, which makes them great for wiping applications. The opposite side is coarse fiber meltblown polypropylene, which quickly wicks up high viscosity hydrocarbon-based fluids while repelling water.  These oil spill pads are great for use indoors or out.

great for wiping or cleaning up oil spills
absorbs oil and repels water


15" x 19" / 38 x 48 cm

100 per package

heavy duty

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15" x 19" / 38 x 48 cm

100 per package

medium duty

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SM oil absorbent pads


one side smooth and abrasion-resistant
one side fibrous for thicker fluids
perfect for wiping tools and machine parts
extremely durable and resilient
perforated for waste minimzation
available in both pads and rolls
absorbs hydrocarbons and repels water

browse dual-textured rolls
dual-textured SM rolls
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