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oil-only composite 3 ply


Spunbond / Meltblown Polypropylene Composites

These composites are highly abrasion-resistant, which makes them great for wiping applications. They withstand plenty of abuse, plus they have a highly absorbent meltblown center layer. Use SMS pads for both indoor or outdoor applications. They absorb hydrocarbon-based fluids and repel water.

absorbs oil and repels water
spunbond membranes for super durability


15" x 19" / 38 x 48 cm

100 per package

heavy duty

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15" x 19" / 38 x 48 cm

100 per package

medium duty

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oil-only SMS absorbent pads


smooth and abrasion-resistant

will not lint or shed

perfect for wiping tools and machine parts

extremely durable and resilient

perforated for waste minimzation

available in both pads and rolls

absorbs hydrocarbons / repels water

Oil-Only SMS Roll
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