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Fine Fiber / Meltblown / Fine Fiber PP Composite

Fine Fiber Meltblown Polypropylene Composites

Blue fine fiber composite pads have a texture that feels like tissue paper. The soft, finer diameter fibers attract spilled fluid, absorb it quickly, and remove the sheen from greasy surfaces. When saturated, the texture offers a slight gripping characteristic, which helps prevent slips and trips.

microfibers remove sheen from most surfaces
absorbs oil and repels water


15" x 19" / 38 x 48 cm

100 per package

heavy duty

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15" x 19" / 38 x 48 cm

100 per package

medium duty

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Blue Fine Fiber Composite Pads


microfibers absorb fluids quickly
grips most surfaces when saturated
removes the sheen from floors
perforated for waste minimzation
available in both pads and rolls
absorbs hydrocarbons and repels water
superior fluid retention

Blue FMF Roll
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