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oil spill absorbent pads
oil-only pads
absorb hydrocarbons / repel water
Oil spill pads (white)

Standard meltblown polypropylene sorbents are great for absorbing hydrocarbons off of the surface of water. The open fiber construction quickly draws oil into the web. 

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skims hydrocarbon-based fluids off of the surface of water

Bonded pads (white)

Point bonded meltblown polypropylene sorbents have an open fiber construction that draws in high viscosity fluids. Bond points tie down loose fibers.

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for oil spills and/or general maintenance applications

FMF pads (blue)

Fine fiber polypropylene composites grip smooth surfaces when saturated. They also remove the sheen from your floors. 

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soft microfiber texture quickly wicks up spilled hydrocarbons

SMS pads (white)

Spunbond polypropylene membranes are smooth and abrasion-resistant. They withstand wear and tear, and they are great for wiping down greasy tools and equipment. 

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abrasion-resistant spunbond pp membrane is great for wiping

SM pads (white)

Spunbond/Meltblown polypropylene composite is a dual-textured product. The spunbond side is abrasion-resistant.  The meltblown side has an open fiber construction for absorbing viscous fluids.

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dual-textured composite is great for oil spills or wiping

Bonded drum tops (white)

Drum toppers are round pads that fit on top of 55 gallon drums and catch the inevitable drips after pumping.

oil absorbent drum toppers

two bungholes are conveniently cut out for ease of use

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