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* Fiberweb (India) Limited does not guarantee that these products will perform to your satisfaction. For your safety, and if you are uncertain of possible chemical reactions or absorption non-performance, we recommend that you conduct compatibility and absorption testing of your chemicals with samples of these products. The linked compatibility chart is simply a guide.


* universal socks, pillows, and booms may be filled with non-polypropylene post-industrial waste, which can degrade when exposed to caustic chemicals, such as acids, alkalis, and other aggressive chemicals.

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FMF rolls (gray universal)

Fine fiber polypropylene composites (fine fiber / coarse fiber / fine fiber) tend to grip smooth surfaces when saturated. They also remove the sheen from your floors. The surface texture is similar to tissue paper. After fluids penetrate the microfiber membrane, they quickly wick into the lofty coarse fiber center layer. Perforated for waste minimization, tear off what you need for your particular application.


part number





pallet qty





15" x 150' / 38 cm x 45.8 m

2 per package

17.1 lbs / 7.73 kg



medium duty

38.8 gallons / 146.9 liters

universal (oil, water, coolants, and solvents)


microfibers absorb fluids quickly

grips most surfaces when saturated

removes the sheen from floors

perforated for waste minimzation

available in both pads and rolls

absorbs oils, water, coolants & solvents

superior fluid retention



Fiberweb (India) Limited and/or Anchor Mat LLC do not recommend disposal methods for spent sorbents. Consult with your local, state, and federal authorities, as well as licensed/reputable waste disposal companies for specific options. With that said, there are various methods for disposal, including landfill, incineration, and recycling/reuse (centrifuge, washing, and and/or wringing).

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