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Choose From Three Different Absorption Properties

Meltblown polypropylene sorbents boast very high absorption rates, averaging twelve to fifteen times their dry weight in spilled fluids. Different types of liquids are denser, heavier, and/or more viscous than others, so absorption rates vary depending on the fluid absorbed.

Choose from three different absorption properties. They are “universal”, “oil-only”, and “hazmat”. Refer to our chemical compatibility guide for usage.

universal, oil-only, and hazmat absorption

“Natural” (oil-only) polypropylene receives no additives during the extrusion process (except for dye). These products absorb low surface tension fluids, such as oil, gasoline, and diesel, and they repel high surface tension fluids (water-based). Oil-only sorbents are primarily used on marine-based oil spills, but they are also used quite often for MRO applications involving petroleum fluids.

Universal products are treated with surfactant (surface active treatment) during extrusion, which lowers the surface tension of water and allows them to absorb most fluids, including oil, water, coolants, and solvents. These products are typically used in manufacturing/production facilities for everyday general maintenance and MRO applications. Available with three separate surface textures, they are great for wiping greasy tools and equipment, drip catching, and for protecting drains and walkways.

Hazmat sorbents are the same as universal sorbents but just marketed differently. Both universal and hazmat sorbents are highly inert and can absorb and retain very aggressive chemicals, including most acids and bases. These products are generally used in laboratory environments and near chemical storage as a safety precaution.


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