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Hazmat Absorbent Materials

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Anchor Mat hazmat absorbent materials safely absorb aggressive chemicals such as sulfuric and hydrochloric acid. Meltblown polypropylene is highly inert and will not degrade and/or undergo an adverse chemical reaction. It is important to understand which fluids our hazmat absorbents can handle, so refer to our chemical compatibility guide for an overview.

Anchor Mat does not guarantee that these products will perform to your satisfaction. For your safety, and if you are uncertain of possible chemical reactions or absorption non-performance, we recommend that you conduct compatibility and absorption testing of your chemicals with samples of these products. This compatibility chart is simply a guide.

blending chemicals on absorbent mat

Our hazmat sorbents offering is yellow in color. With that said, all of our universal pads and rolls are mostly inert and can handle the same dangerous fluids. Yellow is just the primary color used to denote a fluid as dangerous. It is very important to be aware of the caustic/aggressive fluids in your facility and the potential effects of the damage and injury that they can cause. Be sure to keep the appropriate chemical sorbents in spill-prone areas, such as chemical storage locations and laboratory environments. A quick, knowledgeable response can prevent a disaster. Choose from pads, rolls, socks, and pillows for your particular application. Each style product is available in various sizes and packaging.

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