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Universal Absorbent Products

drum spilling oil on to universal pad

Years ago, the only products used to absorb leaks and drips in production facilities were clay (kitty litter) and other granulated sorbents. Prior to that, most factories had dirt floors, so the soil took care of the problem. Nowadays, we have a vast array of choices to keep facilities clean and environmentally sound.

Even today, clay still has widespread usage with many MRO applications. Initially, it is an economical option, but that is where the savings end. The absorption rate is very low, it is very heavy (costly shipping), and disposal is expensive because there is so much of it. Additionally, granular sorbents are very messy and incredibly time-consuming to clean.

Enter meltblown polypropylene. Natural, or "oil-only" polypropylene (oleophilic and hydrophobic), started becoming popular in the 1970's, but the types of fluids it did NOT absorb was its limitation (no water-based fluids). The initial version was a very basic sorbent. It had no spunbond or fine fiber meltblown polypropylene membranes, no point bonding, no perforations, and it was very ropey (linty). Technology has since advanced to produce uniform fiber distribution for standard meltblown polypropylene, so the finish is much smoother. As perforating, bonding, and bonding two- and three-layer compositions were introduced for use in MRO applications, so were universal sorbents. Current options can absorb most spilled fluids. Some of them are good for wiping, some absorb very quickly, and others remove the sheen from most surfaces. We also offer a premium quality, dual-textured product that is good for wiping and also removes the sheen.

absorbent sock protecting drain

Manufacturers of universal absorbent products generate edge trim waste during the downstream converting process, as well as transition waste when changing densities and colors. This post-industrial waste is ground into mulch and used as a filler for tubular absorbent socks and for absorbent pillows. These products qualify as "green" in the United States. Accessory sorbents are not as widely used as pads/mats and rolls, but they have specific applications and are very useful in MRO applications.

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