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Ocean Container Loading Options for Oil Absorbents

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Fiberweb (India) Ltd is a 100% export-oriented unit (EOU) with greater than 75% of products exported to countries such as the USA, Canada, Central and South America, United Kingdom, various European countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Gulf countries. The products generally ship from the Nhava Sheva port at excellent negotiated rates. Transit time to most parts of the world is less than thirty days.

We offer turnkey solutions, including sale of products, complete transportation logistics (including inland transportation to your door), customs clearance (in certain markets), product training, and unrivaled marketing support. Importing can be a confusing and cumbersome undertaking, but we can make it just as simple as ordering from a domestic manufacturer.

ocean shipping container

Fiberweb absorbents are primarily loaded into 40’ high cube ocean containers. There are three loading options, and each one is determined by you the customer. Fiberweb can loose-load (pictured below), palletize plus loose-load on top of the palletized products, or palletize only. Loose-loading is the ultimate method for optimizing all available space, which yields the lowest transit cost per unit. Granted, it is more time-consuming when off-loading your products, and it creates extra work when palletizing, but it does negate the origin palletizing cost that is normally included in your per-unit price. This includes the lumber, stretch wrap, pallet-stabilizing cardboard corners, and labor.

ocean shipping container full of Fiberweb booms

Palletizing plus loose-loading of nonwovens is the most common method for ocean shipments. Most pallets are either 40 x 48” or 42 x 48”, which are standard sizes for warehouse pallet racks. Unfortunately, the interior width of ocean containers is 93”, so there is wasted space on each side of the pallets. Additionally, many palletized products do not optimize the entire length and/or width of the pallets. In summary, twenty pallets will fit inside of a 40’ HC container, and roughly five to seven pallets of loose-loaded sorbents will fit on top of the palletized products.

36 x 45" pallet

There is an alternate sized pallet that Fiberweb inventories, which occupies the most available space. It is 36 x 45”. Twenty-four pallets of that size will fit inside of the container, and that length/width combination is generally very optimal for sorbents palletization. The downside is that 36” width may not fit into warehouse pallet rack slots, and 45" may be too wide. With that said, the 36 x 45" pallet is the smartest option for optimal ocean container loading.

Lastly, the most convenient, and most expensive overall transportation method, is total palletization. Regardless of pallet size, there will always be gaps above the pallets. Shipping without filling those gaps can reduce load quantities by 10 to 15%.


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